PIC TO BRIX – Benefits

Building a fun project together as a family is great for bonding & get all the generations, around the table to be a part of a creative activity, socializing with endless hours of fun to families all over the globe.
Furthermore, many Researches, online studies & articles claim that all puzzles & building bricks share one important element, they stimulate & challenge, to power your brain function & helps to keep our brains working better for longer.

The types & Varieties of puzzles & building bricks options are endless and have many benefits to children, adults and seniors.

Stimulate Your Brain:

Both sides, the right side is in charge of your creative aspect & left analyzes, engaging both sides creates a stimulating workout-apparently, we need to workout the brain as
well 😊

Early Childhood Development:

Building puzzles or bricks at early childhood will encourage social, physical, cognitive & emotional skills at early age.

By doing this fun educational & creative activity children will develop multiple skills such as: ability to be more focused, as it increases attention spam, patient, improve problem solving, improve memory, coping with stress levels ,identify images, shapes, colours & gain fine motor skills.

Benefits for Adults & Seniors:

Regular engage in mentally stimulating activity will help avoiding memory retention & cognitive problems as we grow older, will enhance your mood, mind & spirit, lower & relax stress levels leading to a calmer mind set & can help bring some happy memories from childhood.
It’s also strengthening the ability to stay sharp & challenges us to solve problems efficiently.
Even for someone with a limited mobility, building bricks are still an accessible activity.

Our Conclusion:

PIC TO BRIX = suitable to EVERYONE!